Gentle Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition, health for the individual reflects food and drink choices made over time and occurs where food and eating meets with that persons genetics, life stage, environment, culture and lifestyle choices.

Being a dietitian…

Someone asked me a few days ago if I truly didn’t think about the kilojoules in the food I eat, how much exercise I have done, or how to manage my weight. The answer is that in spite of being a dietitian I have never believed that this is a necessary or desirable way to live with yourself and your body.

About breakfast

I have decided after many years of talking to people that about half the community can’t function without breakfast and the other half can’t have breakfast very easily.  In the perfect world we would all have breakfast when our body told us to after waking up – for some this would be straight away and…

Mindfulness and Eating – reconnection to body and self

Practicing more mindful eating is a way of reconnecting to our own bodies wisdom about the food we eat at the time we are eating it. It is part of the bigger concept of Intuitive eating.  With it we don’t need to measure and calculate or have all the ‘shoulds’ and head rules about food….