Parents, children and a crazy health culture

I listened recently to two intelligent young mothers in a coffee shop discussing how great it was they have access to vitamin supplements for their children.  They truly believed their children are healthier and will have better lives than they did because of this. The same day I saw a young mother who wanted to ensure her child followed her paleo diet and was worried green smoothies would be hard to introduce.

How are we going to help these young women and their children to trust their internal body cues if we don’t believe we can be healthy without external supports?

We live in a country with an abundance of food, for most there is no lack of nutrients for health. The tricky bit is managing often an over abundance of food, too much confusing information from so called experts and busy lives. The real skill for these young women is showing their children how to enjoy socialising in a cafe without being deprived of the food on offer, but also how to make sensible choices centred in their own body knowledge.

A friend recently recommended the above book. It is great.


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