Supervision for Dietitians

Supervision is a relatively new but important concept for dietitians, particularly with those working with a more client centered and counselling style of practice, Health at Every Size principles or with complex people or work situations.

April 2022:

Have you heard about the new resource for all dietitians? Dietitians Supervision Resources Australia (DSRA).    This has been set up by Tara McGregor and provides all you need to know both about being a supervisee and choosing a supervisor.  There is also access to a supervisors data base and training to provide supervision. 

Have you also heard of the new credentialling program for dietitians working in eating disorders from ANZAED which will require ongoing professional supervision? I am already credentialled and involved in this.

For me though, there is currently limited availability for supervision. Contact me for further information.

For anyone in the Geelong region:  There is a small group and limited individual supervision available. Groups can be for 2 to 4 people online, usually for an hour.  Contact me for further info or to talk about this a bit more.

About Supervision 

Understanding boundaries, developing post graduate skills and career directions and preventing overwhelm and burnout are important. Just having a space to be listened to and reflect openly on practice is a pleasure, if not always easy. This is the essence of adult learning.

Supervision can be with both individuals and in small groups and suits all levels of experience and situations. It is based on reflective practice principles but can include educational or skills building components or recommendations for more extensive training.  Currently all supervision and groups are online.

Small Group Supervision

Group 1. Third Monday of the Month.  Ongoing reflective practice group. Themes of disordered eating and complex presentations usually. Currently full.

Group 2  Last Wednesday of the month. 9.30 to 10.30 am.  This group will focus on skill building for both HAES and eating disorder work along with reflective opportunities to build confidence and ensure best practice. Currently one space available.

Ceased at present.  I also provide group supervision with ANZAED. This is organised separately by ANZAED so please contact them for details.

My journey with Supervision-

I have been interested in supervision and the role it can play in a dietitians work for some years now. Personally I have experienced several types of supervision over many years in my career, often outside the dietetic profession.  I undertook training in supervision firstly at The Delta Centre and then with Caraniche training. Since then I have done further training in motivational interviewing in supervision with Mentha Consulting and more recently specialist training with Tara McGregor.  I also have the benefit of working with Health at Every Size principles for many years and further training in Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Family Based Therapy for eating disorders, Narrative Therapy and group work.

Is This For me?

Have a look at the DSRA website or the resources of Fiona Sutherland’s The Mindful Dietitian website are excellent. Then try it out!

I am happy to chat more about supervision and what to expect. Please email me and I will get in contact.